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Choti Diwali/Naraka Chaturdashi: The Triumph of Light over Darkness

Choti Diwali, also known as Naraka Chaturdashi

Choti Diwali, also known as Naraka Chaturdashi, is a significant day in the Diwali festival, celebrated a day before the main Diwali festivities. This day holds great importance as it acknowledge the victory of good over evil.

In Hindu mythology, there once lived a powerful and wicked demon king named Narakasur in the province of Pragjyotishpur, located to the South of Nepal. Narakasur had managed to defeat Lord Krishna and several other deities. To make matters worse, he had also captured and imprisoned 16,000 daughters of different gods and goddesses. As if that wasn’t enough, Narakasur had even stolen the precious earrings belonging to Aditi, the mother of all gods and goddesses.

However, the divine intervention of Lord Krishna changed the course of events. On the day before Naraka Chaturdashi, Lord Krishna engaged in a fierce battle against the demon king. With his unyielding courage and divine powers, Lord Krishna emerged victorious, freeing all the imprisoned daughters and recovering the stolen earrings of Aditi.

The triumph of Lord Krishna over Narakasur symbolizes the victory of good over evil and upholds the importance of righteousness and justice. It serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how powerful darkness may seem, it will always yield to the illuminating light of goodness.

To celebrate this significant victory, Choti Diwali is observed with great enthusiasm and joy. People light up their homes with beautiful diyas, spreading brightness and warding off darkness. Rangolis, vibrant patterns made with colored powders, adorn the entrances as a symbol of welcome and happiness.

This day is also marked by indulging in delicious traditional sweets and exchanging gifts with loved ones. It is a time to come together as a community and rejoice in the victory of Lord Krishna, who brought light, freedom, and happiness back into the lives of the people.

Choti Diwali is a special occasion that serves as a reminder of the triumph of good over evil. It teaches us to remain steadfast in our pursuit of righteousness, regardless of the challenges we face. As we celebrate Choti Diwali, may the light of goodness always guide us and may we find strength and inspiration from the heroic tale of Lord Krishna’s victory.